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Bye Bye House

It’s been a crazy 8 months.  I’ll break it down into a few posts as there is so much going on.

In January, Wil started looking at houses for fun (c’mon, we know that this is probably a bad idea…).  So after going to a bunch of open houses, and going in to see a couple of houses, our real estate agent and good friend, Jitesh Rana convinced us to put our house on the market in February.  We thought that it would take a while to sell, and thus give us lots of time and opportunity to find a new house.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it), we put the house up on a Wednesday night and it was sold by Saturday night.  How crazy is that?  Fortunately, we were able to stay in the house until the end of March (though still…can I find a house in 1 1/2 months??).

Thus, came the next month of “GO GO GO” when it came to looking at houses.  It is so scary, the amount of yucky houses out there – let’s just say that I had to throw away a LOT of socks.  And the prices of houses is unbelievable!  I honestly feel sorry for those new couples starting out nowadays.  How anyone can afford a house, much less a starter home in Vancouver is beyond me.  Luckily, Wil and I have some equity built up otherwise we would be in the same boat.

During the next month, we found a house near our old place that we liked.  We put in an offer, it was accepted and we thought all was well.  After spending the money on an appraisal and inspection, there were issues.  The other real estate agent spoke with his clients and we agreed on a lower price.  However, the real estate agent was incompetent as he neglected to get a signature on the price (even though my agents kept asking him to get it in writing) so we lost the sale in the last hours.  After speaking the Real Estate Board of Vancouver, we were told to re-offer the last offer but again, their agent was incompetent and the sale was never made.

We gave up and started looking again.  We once again found another house, thought everything was okay but then we couldn’t get the financing.  Not because we didn’t have the money, but because it turned out that this house was a drug house from over 10 years and 1 owner ago!  The current owners had all the documentation from City Hall that showed that the house and renovated and re-inspected, and that they also issued a permit for re-occupancy but the banks still said no!


Anyways, we now found a house and the sale has gone through (thank goodness).  Now all we have to do to find a contractor and get the house renovated and we’ll be good to move in.

In the meantime, we can NOT drive past our old house.  The girls get sad.  Especially Ori. She cries and cries and cries, saying “I miss our house”.  The funny thing is, before we sold, she was very excited to look at houses.  Every house we went into, she would declare which room was hers.  So once she found out that we sold, she got every upset and cried.  When I asked her “but you were so excited when we were looking at houses”, she replied “BECAUSE I though we would keep our old house too!”.

So bye bye my sweet home of 10 years…



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