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Disneyland 2011

Wil, Ori and I headed off to Disneyland while Bel was in Hong Kong & Thailand with my parents.  Luckily, we had the chance to meet up with our favourite people: Mike, Nina and Linda. Once again, we flew with Allegiant Air out of Bellingham as they had the best prices.  For transportation from LAX to the hotel and return, we used the Disneyland Resort Express as they run regularly, are reliable, and since they are luxury motor coaches, I don’t have to worry about a carseat for Ori.  It was especially attractive once I found a $5 discount coupon (per person) on the Anaheim Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau  website. Once again, we stayed at the Sheraton Anaheim Hotelas we loved the restaurant service staff (especially Zeke), and the fact that the hotel had private shuttle buses to and from the park.  Though I found that the restaurant service staff to be as fantastic as last time, I was less impressed with the front desk staff.  When I asked the front desk if they had packing or duct tape I could use (long story), they said that I can come and pick it up any time.  Yet when we went down to get it, they told us that they had none and never had any.  The worst was the Concierge (male).  I had asked if he could contact the Disneyland Resort Express for pickup, and he told me that since I already had pre-paid tickets, that there is nothing he could do.  He just told me to call Grayline and confirm it myself.    So I made arrangements to use my cousin’s phone (so I wouldn’t incur long distance charges from mine or hotel phone charges).  The next day as I was waiting for the park shuttle, I noticed a courtesy phone in the lobby where I could’ve used to call Grayline to confirm my pickup.  Hmmmmm….the concierge made no mention that this was something I could’ve done.  Oh well…

Disneyland Castle Christmas 2011


Disneyland itself was wonderful!  The park was so beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and trees.  The lighting of the castle was spectacular as were the fireworks.  At specific times, it “snowed” on Main Street and near the castle — it was funny to see how excited people got to see snow. I guess since I’m from “up north”, I’m not as impressed with it as we see snow at least once a year.




Here is a picture of Ori eating a Mickey shaped ice cream.  This is one of the things that we always buy in Disneyland.

For some reason, if it’s Mickey shaped then we have to have it (or I do…).  Needless to say, on this trip alone, we’ve had Mickey shaped marshmallows (well it was a snow Mickey), chocolate truffles, cake, pretzels, ice cream and a beignet.   I’m not sure what it is, but no matter how gimmicky it may sound, it appeals to me and calls me out to buy it….







Character Sightings:

Winnie the Pooh Christmas


Of course, a trip to Disneyland is never complete without posing with some of our favourite characters. Winnie the Pooh is absolutely adorable with his winter hat.

No matter how old I get, I still love Pooh.









And Stitch decided to brave the cold and join us.  Isn’t he so cute?

After complaining about how I never got to see him last time (October 2009), we made sure to visit the character breakfast he was most likely to be at — so we got to see him!

And wouldn’t you know it, we spotted him in California park as well.  So here we are on our second visit with Stitch!


And of course, what is Disneyland without rides?  I have to say that Ori certainly got her “fearless” genes from Wil.

California Screaming

One of her two favourite rides was California Screaming (a high-speed roller coaster with a loopy-loop).   Everytime she went on (almost every day at least once ..the last day there, she went on three times!), she was in the front seat!  Crazy daredevil!










Ori’s second most favourite ride was the Tower of Terror.

Tower of Terror

This simulates you being in an elevator where the cables break and you fall to your death…except that it can’t seem to decide whether to let you fall or not.  So you basically go up and shoot down and then up and down…over and over and over again.

My little adrenaline junkie LOVED this ride.  She would ride it over and over and over again.  On our last day there, she was on FOUR times…the last three times in a row.

What really made her day was that on one of her rides, the bellboy started singing Happy Birthday to her, and then the entire car full of strangers continued the song throughout the ride.  And when the bellboy opened the door at the end, he finished off the song,  How cool is that?





Terror on the Tower of Terror

While I can say that I have not been on California Screaming, I am sad to say that I have indeed been on the Tower of Terror.   All I can say is “NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!”  I have never been on a ride that have so thoroughly terrorized me to the point of having tears in my eyes. I’m surprised that I didn’t suffer a massive heart attack from the fear.  Here is a picture of us from that ride…  As you can see, my cousin Mike thought it would be funny to bug me throughout the ride just to scare me that much more!



Disneyland Christmas

Thank you so much to Nina, Mike and Linda who met up with us.  We miss you!


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