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Sigh….I can’t believe my poor blog has been abandoned for the past 7 months. 

It’s been a crazy half-year for me.  First of all, you may remember that I’ve had issues with my workplace a while back due to a new partner/owner in the company.  Well, after almost a year of turmoil, stress and dealing with issues that didn’t really seem ethical, I am no longer with the company that I started with almost 10 years ago.  Sad in many ways, but yet I can’t work for a company that I no longer believe in, nor be happy at.

Then Wil’s maternal grandmother had a stroke but with all the family in town, she has somewhat recovered and is currently improving at a slow by steady pace.

Then we found out that my paternal grandmother was sick while on an extended vacation to Hong Kong —  it turned out to be lung cancer that was so advanced and aggressive that it was terminal.  I’m sad to say that she passed away in November.  She was finally laid to rest in January, along with my grandfather’s ashes that my cousin brought over from Hong Kong.    During this time, I learned so much more about the Chinese traditions and customs when it comes to death.  I’ve never realized there was such more to do…ceremonial meals and praying during the 7 weeks after her death, and all the other things associated with cremations and burial.  Interesting but sad to have to know and do.

I’ve stayed away from blogging for way too long . . . the last time I attempted to blog, I received a phone call from my dad telling me that my grandma had passed away . . . it has been too hard to come on and write about my life as it brings back the not so happy memories of the last time I was on here.  But now, we can think of her . . .  but hopeful that she’s in a place where she can play mah-jong all day long while eating her favorite chips, chocolate and Mug Root Beer!


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