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Okay, so I’ve been to a ton of places to be fitted…every department store says that they are taught to be professional fitters (Sears, the Bay, Nordstroms and Macy’s) and specialty stores like La Senza, La Vie en Rose and Victoria’s Secret.  Do any of them know how to properly fit you?  My answer is NO!  Sure the ones that they give you might seem okay and after you spend a fortune, they very quickly don’t seem to fit right once you leave the store.

Recently I’ve been recommended to go to Diane’s Lingerie on Granville Street http://www.dianeslingerie.com/qs/page/7176/0/82.  Boy, do they ever know what they’re doing.  They spent about 45 minutes giving me various styles and then looking and touching (yes, they do touch) to see how it fits.  At first I thought they would push the most expensive bras on me, but I quickly found that wasn’t the case.  It turned out that one of the “cheaper” bras fit me better, and the saleslady was most adamant that I not purchase the $190 that I really loved as it didn’t quite fit me to her liking! 

Honestly, it was very expensive (I spent close over $400  for 3 bras), but it’s been a month and the fit is amazing.   I think this was probably the best money ever spent!  And the saleslady said that with proper care, they should last at least 2 years — crazy ain’t it?

The nice part is that they now have me “on file” so if I ever want to buy the same one, I can call ahead and have them wrap it up for me so that I can run in, pay and leave…virtually within minutes.  Talk about personalized shopping!


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