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This is a warning to any boys/men who want to date or marry one of my daughters – BE AFRAID!! BE VERY, VERY AFRAID!  BAHAHAHAHAHA!

Why do you ask?  Well let me tell you…

A couple of weeks ago, Bel & Ori were playing Barbie dolls.  Then we see Barbie A going up to Eric (male doll) and screaming “I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME!!”.  Barbie A then proceeded to take her hand and physically slapped Eric back and forth across the face many times.  Then they threw Eric to the ground, ripped apart his legs and sent their dogs to bite, tear and rip at this groin!  Oh, did I mention that they had tied a black cloth around his head, and had his hands held behind his back by one of the Barbies?

A little while later, we then saw Barbie B (who Eric had cheated with) being strung up and hung with a noose-like rope around her neck.  Hmmmm….

Then this past weekend, they were once again playing Barbie dolls.  All of a sudden, I hear Eric saying “Come on baby, you know I love you!”. And then…yup, you guessed it, Eric got body-slammed a few times, and beaten up.  Let’s just say that if he was a real person, he definitely would’ve ended up in the morgue…in itty, bitty pieces!

So I’m guessing that I won’t have to worry about boys messing around with either one of my daughers in the VERY far future when they are finally interested in dating boys and then getting married.  And I guess this would also have to be a warning for any females who may be considering to start a relationship with one of my daughter’s significant other…no man is worth your life!

Hmmmmm….I have absolutely NO idea where this had come from.  They watch very limited TV (especially since we don’t own one..LOL).  And no one we know has had issues like this!  Hmmmm…maybe chidren’s imagination aren’t always a good thing…


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So the other day, the kids were playing and doing some things that they probably weren’t supposed to be doing.  So I warned them about how even though I wasn’t in the room, I can see what they are doing.  Ori asked me how I would know, and I said that I had “eyes in the back of my head”.  She said “oh” and that was the end of that conversation.

Well today, I walked to the bathroom to floss Ori’s teeth just as she was putting away her toothbrush.

Ori : “How did you know I finished brushing my teeth?”

Me:  “Because I’m a mom.  It’s like magic!”

Ori: “Ooooh!  Magic!  Mommy, do you really have eyes in the back of your head?”

Me: “No, I don’t really have eyes in the back of my head”

Ori: “Oh, do you know when your students are bad?”

Me: “Yes”

Ori: “Do they sit in the corner then?”

Me: “No, I send them out of class”

Ori: “Oh, they are bad”

LOL.  Sometimes my baby just cracks me up!

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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m obsessed with Twilight….LOL.  I think it’s the whole love story between Edward and Bella (yeah, I’m a big sucker for romance).  Though I have to admit that Robert Pattinson wasn’t quite how I imagined Edward to be, he’s pretty good in the movie version of it.

So why are so many people obsessed with the Edward/Bella story?  I think it’s because of the intense love (or as my hubby calls it “obsessive love”) between them.  And it’s the way Edward loves and takes care of Bella — the words that he uses that evokes that feeling of longing for most females that they find an “Edward” who will make them feel cherished, loved and adored.

If you haven’t read Twilight yet, it’s a pretty good read, and the movie isn’t too shabby either.  I can’t wait til New Moon (the movie) comes out in November … Jacob (Taylor Lautner) looks pretty good though I can almost be arrested for saying that (LOL…he is only 17…sigh…now I’m drooling over babies…LOL).

Though I may look and drool…LOL…I definitely have my own “Edward” in my hubby.

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