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Okay, so I’ve been terrible about updating my blog…sigh…so be warned that this may be a looooong update.

Lilo Birthday CakeIt’s been a busy few months since my last post.  I had a fabulous birthday.  My honey bought me a beautiful ice cream cake from La Casa Gelato (Death by Mango and Chocolate Peanut Butter — yummy!) with a Lilo and Stitch theme.  We’ve been watching all the Lilo and Stitch movies lately with the girls.  Wil especially loves it when Lilo says “And I get mad? And I *pound* her?”

March started off with a fun but crazy weekend away with my “peeps” at Loon Lake.  Nothing to do all weekend but eat, chat and scrapbook.  Oh yeah, and I managed to slip away for an hour of massage and aromatherapy — now that was fantastic!  It was absolutely beautiful up there, especially since we managed to get a lodge all to ourselves away from the main group.  So it was one big party!  And let’s just say I learned a new word…”pyuck”  and found out some interesting things about some of the group (always happens when alcohol is involved)…LOL.  And it snowed all weekend. In fact, we thought we might be stranded up there, especially since there was an accident on the Sunday just as we were about to leave.  We ended up having specialty coffees (if you know what I mean) while we sat around waiting for the guys to clear the accident and grate/salt the road.  Was that ever a scary trip back down the mountain…thank goodness Nancy is an awesome driver!

090308 Loon Lake 090308 Look Lake 2

During spring break, Ori and Bel both enrolled in a Arts and Science camp at Renfrew Community Centre.  They spent the week learning about science as well as practicing for a play/performance based on sea creatures.  Ori was a dolphin and Bel was a crab.  It was very cute and I think the girls had fun.  They’ve asked to attend again next year.

2009 Spring Camp 2009 Spring Camp 2

April started out really busy.  Both girls are now enrolled in 2 sessions of gymnastics on Saturdays.  So they are there for about 3 1/2 hours.  FREEDOM!  Wil and I can actually go out and do things — not like before where we had 45 minutes to run out for a coffee before we’re due back!  We can actually hit Commercial Drive to buy produce, browse the aisles of Bosa Foods and hit the Lululemon outlet before we have to pick them up!  It sure does get easier when the kids get older!

Bel has also started swimming lessons on Sundays.  We decided that we shouldn’t let her ezcema stop her from swimming so we’re just extra careful about moisturizing her skin afterwards.  She seems to be enjoying the lessons.  We’ve also enrolled Ori though she’s repeating Whales — unfortunately she’s already finished all the levels but can’t move on until she reaches the age of 6.  But she wanted to swim so I guess there’s no harm in letting her take the same lessons again.  She just likes to be in the water and seems to enjoying meeting new friends at the same time.

This past week has been a nightmare…or maybe I’m just too pampered.  LOL.  I’ve been working part-time for a few years now, and since November, I’m only working 20 hours per week.  This past week was chaos.  It was a start of a new semester and I’m teaching a new course which means a ton of prep work.  Plus someone was away so I was teaching for 6 hours a day for the past 3 days.  And I feel soooo exhausted!

Thank goodness I had the chance to relax last weekend as I headed up to Whister on Friday night with my good friends Sonja, Tracy and Nancy.  We stayed at Tracy’s sister-in-law’s condo and was it ever nice!  We spent Saturday day in Whistler village, spending waaay too much money in the stores.  Then we had a fantastic dinner at the Chophouse…the tasting menu was only $39.00 though the martini was $11.00!  Then afterwards we took a cab into the village and spend the rest of the night at Buffalo Bills.  We had so much fun dancing and drinking…though now I remember why I don’t drink anymore…sigh…memories of my stagette coming back to haunt me!  Thank goodness we ran into the same taxi driver that we had earlier…I don’t know if we would’ve made it back to our condo…LOL.  Let’s just say “what happens in Whistler, stays in Whistler”!


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