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Our 5-year-old has been having some issues.  She sometimes gets mad when you ask her to do things.  She always gets upset if we shower any affection at all on her older sister.  Plus, she’s been getting in trouble for not focussing…you know when you ask her to go get dressed and it takes her 20-25 minutes because she keeps getting distracting by other things like her sister, the fridge or a piece of lint on the floor…

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago, she was constantly getting scolded as she was fighting with her sister, crying over little things (like having to eat dinner) and just some other minor issues.  It felt like it was never-ending.  By the time we had to go out to a family dinner, I heard her say to her sister “Everyone seems to be mad at me today”.  Awwww….poor baby….

And then this past weekend, both kids kept getting into trouble.  They got their computer privilegse revoked, their picnic revoked, their movie revoked and their treat of sleeping downstairs revoked…and that was just the one day!  So the next morning, Ori comes up to me and says “Mommy, I was VERY naughty yesterday”.   Awww…

So why do I feel bad that they were disciplined?  I definitely don’t want to raise a brat but are we too hard on them?  It just breaks my heart to hear them say stuff like this, but I want them to understand the difference between being a good person vs. a bad person, and to be respectful to others.

Sigh…who knew parenthood would be so tough…


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