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Sorry I haven’t been blogging much this past month or so.  Unfortunately I managed to get a virus on my computer which in turn incapacitated some of my programs.  My computer is finally back and running smoothly!

So in the meantime, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my brand-new DS that my hubby got me for Christmas.  I’m really enjoying Mario Kart, Hell’s Kitchen and Harvest Moon Island of Happiness.  The Harvest Moon game in particular is very challenging (though I thought it was just a cutesy game at first) and is really making me work hard to try to get a farm running…hahahahaha.

But mostly, I’ve been reading…books upon books upon books.  So far this month, I wouldn’t be surprised to say that I’ve read over 20 books??  I don’t quite recall the names of all the books I’ve read (especially since I sometimes read trashy romance novels..lol), but a few of them really stick out in my mind.

twilightnew-mooneclipsebreaking-dawnTwilight & New Moon by Stephanie Meyer – Two in the series of four, about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire.  Twilight was definitely a far better book as it was more gripping, and intense.  However, I did end up reading each book in one night as I couldn’t put it down. Though sold as a book about teenage romance, it wasn’t all about sex like most other books (i.e. Gossip Girl – those these books were a fun read too).  I can’t explain, but it was touching and almost scary to read about a love so intense.  I can’t wait to read the other two books in the series, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  I’ve actually got hubby to start reading Twilight…lol

Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult – An excellent book which tells a story about a teacher falsely accused of raping a student, and what happens when he tries to start over in another town. Like all her other books, this story really touches your emotions and makes you wonder how stuff like this can happen.  I’ve already read a few of her other books…all excellent, though all really touches your emotions and makes you really think about what could happen.  The Pact is about a double-suicide pact or is it murder?  But it takes a look into whether we really know what is going on with our children, and do we even know what is happening to us during our most difficult teenage eyars.  Keeping Faith is about a family torn apart by divorce, and how a little girl starts seeing God.  And My Sister’s Keeper….now this is definitely a gut-wrenching story about a young teenager who tries to get a court injunction against her parents from being to take her kidney as a transplant for her older sister who is dying of leukemia.  Jodi Picoult’s books are great in that she tells each and every one of her stories (at least the ones I’ve read), but every character’s perspective.salem-fallsthe-pactkeeping-faithmy-sisters-keeper







Let me know your thoughts and what books you enjoy!  I’m always on the lookout for a good read!


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Wishing everyone a prosperous and lucky new year.

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Rihanna and Kaitlyn P.!  Congratulations!   I’ve sent you both an email asking you to send me your contact info so that I can ship out the bluetooth earpieces.  I may not get out to send them off until early next week (depending on the weather) but I promise they will go out next week sometime.

THANK YOU to everyone else who came by and left a comment.  It was fun to read them all!  And my daughters had a great time pulling names out of a bucket! 

Happy New Year!

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