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Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday, and may you all be surrounded by friends, family, love and happiness!


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LOS_logo_finalYes, you heard me right. 

Plantronics is having an awesome contest called ‘Laws of Style’ Weekend Give-Away.  (Please note that it is only open to American residents).  If only I could become an American resident before the end of this year!

Imagine – A trip for 2 to one of the most amazing fashion capitals of the world – NEW YORK!  Add a 3-day, 2-night stay at the exclusive Bryant Park Hotel (overlooking Midtown), a $2500 shopping spree and more!  This is guaranteed to make any shopaholic’s dream come true!  Airfare, accommodations and a shopping spree — what else could a shopaholic want?

Visit Laws of Style  (www.lawsofstyle.com) to enter your name into the draw. Contest ends December 31, 2008!

AND, Plantronics has been kind enough to donate  TWO of their GOLD Plantronic Discovery925 bluetooth mobile earpieces for me to give away to TWO lucky readers.   These gold earpieces have spotted on Heidi Klum, and the black ones on Eva Longoria and Brooke Shields.


YAY!  So please leave me a comment about “Why You Need This Earpiece”.  (Open only to Canadian and American residents due to shipping issues).   I will draw two names on New Year’s Day. 


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Cathy and I have been selling cards and things at the local craft fairs around town.  At the Dunbar show, a lady walked up to our table and gave us a business card.  She was one of the owners from the “Room for 2 Maternity & Baby” store on Commercial Drive and was interested in perhaps selling some of our baby cards in her shop.

So after revising our samples slightly, we set up an appointment and met with Lillian and her daughter Lorena.  They purchased an assortment of cards from the both of us, and are now currently selling them in-store!  Yay!

So if you happen to be wandering down Commercial Drive with a coffee in-hand and looking for the perfect baby shower gift (or maybe something for yourself and the baby), they have a ton of yummy stuff there.  I’ve been in there many times when my girls were babies and the staff there are very knowledgeable.  They will even let you test your baby out in the slings/backpacks and walk around the store to make sure it’s a good fit.  (I actually bought a small pile of mini Robert Munsch books there that will be perfect as stocking stuffers and then to throw into my purse for those times the kids need a distraction when we’re out).  The prices are good (though you won’t see Wal-Mart type prices there) but you’ve got to remember that quality and expertise are needed when it comes to your babies!

Here are some photos of the cards that are currently selling in-store.

pacifier-purple-card pacifier-blue-card baby-card-giraffe-girl baby-card-giraffe-boy pink-onesie blue-onesie yellow-onesie green-onesie

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Ori, my youngest one, keeps talking about how grandma is getting her a chickie-wah-wah.  Of course, we have no clue of what she is trying to tell us.  After numerous attempts, Bel finally says to us “it’s a Chihuahua”! (I really am not sure how siblings can understand each other so perfectly when two adults can’t make heads or tails out of some of their words…sigh).

Hmmmm…hubby goes to call his mom, and yes, they are getting her a dog but it’s going to stay at their house (whew!).

So, Ori decides to name her dog “Ariel Cherry Rainbow Mommy Daddy Bel and Ori” — quite the mouthful…though if you were to only take the first 3 names, you would have a stripper name…LOL…


Oh course, now Bel is wondering why Ori has a dog and she doesn’t.  So she’s asked grandma and grandpa for a white chihuahua.  They said of course, and have told her that they have ordered one but have to wait until they get the phone call to come pick it up.   Hmmmm….so I went and asked them if they were seriously buying a second dog, they said “of course not” but they’ll just keep putting Bel off by saying that the breeders haven’t called yet.   SIGH…

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Okay, I’ve been terribly lacking in terms of blogging…unfortunately real life seems to interfere A LOT!  Just wanted to post a few things that we’ve been doing..

Here’s the family picking pumpkins for Halloween…we got a tad bit carried away and came home with 7 pumpkins plus 2 mini pumpkin-like gourds.  What were we thinking?  LOL!

081015-pumpkins-2 081015-pumpkins 081011-pumpkin-patch

Here are our pumpkins all carved up and lit up.  Though I think we were crazy to get that many pumpkins, we may have to do it again next year.  The little trick or treaters just loved them (and the parents too), so I guess it was worth the hours it took to clean and carve them.081031-halloween-pumpkins

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Yay!  I have the next three weeks off work and I plan to do very little!  LOL!  I have this entire week off once I get the kiddies to school. I plan to organize my scraproom, actually scrapbook and go out for coffee with my friends.  I figure I deserve a little R&R after this stressful semester!  Luckily, hubby agrees that I should relax and have fun this week and disregard the housework — LOL!  So, the house may not be visitor-friendly should you come by to visit, but at least I won’t be grouchy!

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