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In preschool, Orianna had learned about the harmful effects of smoking (I guess they really start teaching them at a young age nowadays).  So, one day we visited our best friend, Jitesh, who is a smoker.  This is a conversation that went on between them.

Ori: Uncle Jitesh, you shouldn’t smoke.

Jitesh: Why honey?

Ori: It will turn you brown!

Jitesh: Honey, I’m already brown! Hahahahaha (Jitesh happens to be East Indian with darker skin).

Ori: NO! It will turn your insides brown!

LOL….kids are so funny when they forget to say everything they mean to say.  Thank goodness our friend wasnt’ offended since it wasn’t supposed to in any way, shape or form!


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On Friday, I decided to purchase season passes for the girls so that we can head out to Playland more this summer.  Bel, Ori and I headed out to Playland and met up with my sister Cindy and her two little ones.  It was a beautiful day, but not too hot.  Unfortunately I did end up with a wee sunburn on the back of my neck and chest…

Playland June 27, 2008 Playland June 27, 2008 Playland June 27, 2008

On Saturday, we met up with our best friend Jitesh, his wife Cris and baby Gabe and headed out to Langley.  Jitesh wanted to pick strawberries from a farm called Krause’s.  Unfortunately there was a traffic jam on the highway so we ended up zig-zagging through most of Langley to get to the farm…which meant strawberry picking in the middle of the heatwave!!  Ori and Bel had a great time though, and we ended up picked 4 baskets of strawberries!  I think they really enjoyed the whole experience, but especially the strawberry shortcake and strawberry smoothies at the market afterwards.

Strawberry Fields June 28, 2008 Strawberry Fields June 28, 2008 Strawberry Fields June 28, 2008 Strawberry Fields June 28, 2008

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