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Hapy New Year!

Wow, it’s been a busy holiday season!  Let’s see…

We made a gingerbread house.  Actually it was one of those kits that we picked up, but we spent close to 2 hours just decorating it.  It’s funny how it seems that I have “scrapbooking” on the brain…take a look at the doodling that I did on the plate as I was waiting for Bel to put candy on the house. *LOL* 

Gingerbread house

One of my best friend’s wife is pregnant.  Since he is Hindi, they have a special ceremony that has to be performed before the baby is born.  So we went to the ceremony at his brother’s house.  Here is a picture of them with the “priest”(?).  It was loooooong, but there was lots of yummy food afterwards — his mom is an amazing cook!


Lots of snow days — I can’t believe how much snow we’ve had in just the month of December — we’ve already exceeded our quota for the year I think.  Love it if I don’t have to go anywhere, but a pain when I have to run out as I hate driving in this weather — it’s all the other drivers!

Snow Day

Pick of the Patch had a fun “12 days of Christmas” theme on their site, and there were many chances to play and try to win prizes.  I was lucky and won some poinsetta flower embellishments, and I was truly lucky to win the grand prize of a $200 gc to the store!! Wooohoooo!!! Thanks to Sandra and all the Flower Girls! 

Christmas parties galore — I think I’ve drank more this holiday season than I have all year!  For those of you who know me, I haven’t really touched alcohol since my stag over 11 years ago (ugh!).

Baked a ton of gingerbread cookies.  It’s become an annual tradition.  I usually make the dough the night before.  The next morning, the girls help me cut the cookie shapes, and we bake them.  Then they all get taken to whoever’s hosting the Christmas party, and we spend a few hours decorating cookies.  It’s a great way to keep the young and old kids entertained!  This year, we picked up a pack of 3 gingerbread men cookie cutters — very different as one is missing a leg, one an arm and one a head — it has a design of teeth bites around the missing appendage!


Boxing day shopping.  This is the first year we’ve gone in over 7 years.  I think it might be too dangerous to ever do again…I bought a beautiful brown down vest by Columbia, a pair of cropped yoga pants, a pair of leather/suede mary jane shoes and Stuart Weitzman boots!  *LOL*

On the 30th, we went to the Beauty and the Beast production at the Stanley Theatre.  We had taken Bel previously 2 years ago, but this is the first time that Ori has ever seen it.  She was so enthralled!  I was so proud of the both of them.  Before the show, I had given them the talk about how they need to be quiet during the show, and how if they really needed to talk, then they should whisper quietly, etc.  They were so good…the only time any noise was made, was when Gaston kissed Belle, then Ori said in a loud voice “EWWWW!!” but the people around us though it was funny.

We spent New Year’s Eve with some really good friends of ours.  It was a fun evening, though ended around 11pm, rather than after midnight (most of us had kids).  As my friend Cathy pointed out, it is midnight in Alberta!  So we all toasted with champagne and sparkling cider at 11!

New Year’s Day had Cathy and I driving down to the USA for some shopping.  Treasury of Memories had a great sale — Bazzill and American Craft albums were at an incredible price.  We also hit Stampadoodle, Jo-Ann’s and Michaels.  Not to mention a little bit of non-scrapbook shopping at Bellis Fair.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and that 2008 brings you wonderful wishes!


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