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Trimming the Tree   Putting the Angel on the Tree      Yesterday was December 1st and it started snowing . . . seemed like a fitting way to start the month of December.  We were pretty much house-bound for most of the day.  We started decorating the house and put up our Christmas tree.  Today I decided to change the wreath decorations since it’s been the same blue/silver theme for the last 5 years.  Here is the new wreath…


This afternoon, it’s still snowing, and getting really deep — I’m going to guess and say at least 8 inches of snow!  Wil spent most of the afternoon shoveling the sidewalks which was pretty much useless since it kept getting covered by new snow.  The kids rolled around and played in the snow until the final hour when we made 2 snowpeople.

Snow Ride     Snowmen

The kids will be staying overnight at the grandparents’ houses tonight.  It makes it so much easier if I don’t have to trek them to school in the morning as I don’t normally drive when it snows.  I’m a bit nervous about it, and really don’t trust the others on the road — we had some psycho in a white truck come blasting through the street this afternoon at over 60 km and it’s pretty slippery out there.

I LOVE snow as long as I don’t need to go anywhere…though it is starting to feel a lot like Christmas!


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