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Busy, Busy, Busy…

Wow!! t’s been a busy November. 

Week 1: CKC in November with my friend Cathy.

Week 2: Recovering from wisdom teeth extractions

Week 3: Planning, organizing and hosting my daughter’s 4th birthday party at fun4kidz at Aberdeen Centre 

Week 4: Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking and more scrapbooking

It started on Friday night when I attended Remember Me Scrapbooking’s 30 hour crop.  If you can believe it, I didn’t sleep (though I tried to nap on the couch sometime around 4:30amish), and went on strong until around 10:30pm on Saturday night.  I was tired, but was very productive (completed almost 3 layouts — just need the finishing touches), and pretty much completed a 4×4 mini album for my in-laws for Christmas.  I had a ton of fun, and met a lot of really great people — it’s amazing how well you get to know someone after being silly with them at 3am in the morning!  For those of you who haven’t done this before, you’ve got to try it next year — this is an annual crop so I think I’ll be doing it again next year!

 Then on Sunday morning, I arrived at Sonja’s Booker Club crop.  It was so much fun — I had the chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.  Pick of the Patch had a store there, and I ended up buying so much stuff — Sandra has a bunch of awesome new products in the store that so soooooo yummy.  Plus I got my November kit, and I have to say that it totally rocks — I can’t wait to use it!   I have been convinced to become a kit subscriber — I’ve been buying them almost every month anyways, and there is always so much product.  

There were two awesome Make & Takes that we did — one with the PageFrames Acrylic Ornament  PageFrames Ornament    and the other with Tilano Fresco Marble Tile Magnets  Tilano Fresco Tile.  Though I wasn’t as productive ( I think I was scrapped out), I had the opportunity to see everyone’s work and I have to say that I was pretty inspired (and think I will be scraplifting some ideas)!


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These are two conversations between my sister and Bel who is 6 years old:

Scenario One: watching my sister chase after my niece who doesn’t want to eat or listen to anyone

Bel: Yi-Yi (what she calls my sis), Julia really doesn’t listen to you does she?

Sister: No, she doesn’t.

Bel: I’m a good girl.  I’m sitting and eating my lunch.

Sister:  That’s good.

Bel: Yeah.  I listen to my mom.

Sister: That’s good that you listen.

Bel: Yeah, my mom is scarier than you!

Scenario Two: We’re having dinner, and watching my niece make a mess and not listen to her parents

Bel: Yi-yi, Julia doesn’t listen.

Sister: No, she doesn’t.

Bel: You should get mommy to teach you how to be scarier so that Julia listens to you!

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Hmmmm…my only excuse was that I was majorly drugged, especially in the first few days.  Wil got the prescriptions from the dentist (I was unconscious in the chair since I was put under), filled it at Save-On-Foods after he got me home and gave me the medication.  He told me it was an antibiotic. 

WELL….a few pills later, he looked at the information sheet and mentioned that “Oops.  I didn’t realize that you had to sit upright for at least a half hour after taking the pill”.  Hmmmm…this should’ve been my first clue.

Anyways, I’ve had a sore throat for the last 5 days or so. I assumed it was because all I have been eating was yogurt, ice cream and congee and my body was screaming for nutrients.  Today, when the nurse called to confirm my check-up appointment, I mentioned that the left side of my mouth and throat was really sore.  She was kinda like “hmmmmmmm….I’m sure it’s nothing but the doctor will take a look and see when he checks your mouth on Saturday”. 

THEN, I went to put on some make-up and noticed that the whites of my eyes were kinda yellowy.  So then I thought that this was kind of weird, especially after the tone I was getting from the nurse.  So when I got home tonight, I went to look at the prescription information sheet…..so apparently the rare but serious side effects include a sore throat and yellow eyes!!! And I am to contact the doctor immediately.  Hmmmmm…as I continue reading, I see that I am also supposed to drink a full glass of milk or water with my pill which I didn’t know about and usually only have enough water to wash down the pill.  ARGHHHH!!!

When I mentioned all this to Wil, all he could say was “Oh, you said that you would ask the doctor about your sore throat and I assumed you were drinking a full glass of water with your pills”.   And I can’t really complain about Wil too much since he’s been so good to me the last week with really doing ALL the work of taking care of the kids, cleaning, cooking, etc. 

SIGH.  I guess I will always read the prescription information from now on, even if I’m heavily sedated!

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So finally, after a good 5 years or so of delaying and making excuses, I finally got my wisdom teeth taken out last Thursday.  ALL 4 of them!  I figure I might as well do it all at one shot, otherwise I will never go back and get the othe 2 done (I’m a wimp when it comes to pain).

 Let’s just say that I was pretty drugged up (thank goodness) and slept away my entire long weekend only waking up long enough to take more antibiotics and Advil.  Oh, and actually mustered up enough energy to head over to my friend’s Kelly’s place for a delicious “soft” lasagna.  The reason I had the energy is because Wil decided to cheer me up earlier that day by taking me to the Coach store at Oakridge and buying me a purse (and who says that retail therapy doesn’t make one feel better??)! 

After a lot of thinking and debating, I ended up returning my purse Legacy Hippie Whiskey     Legacy Hippie Whiskey 2    and buying the same purse but in a different material/color.   Coach Legacy 11145    Coach Legacy 11145The sad part is that they don’t sell this one in Canada so I had to order it special in the US.  My friend Nelson will be picking it up for me and bringing it back the next time he’s back to visit but that may not be until next month.  I almost convinced Wil to buy me a very early birthday present as I saw another Coach bag I couldn’t live without — it was called the Felicia — isn’t that just too cool?  Though when I took a look at the bag in person, I couldn’t get it — this things was HUMUNGOUS!!!  It is the totally new “IT” bag and the last one in Vancouver, but I seriously could’ve carried ALL my scrapbooking supplies in it and for those of you who have seen my room, I have a lot!  Oh well…

 Back to my teeth, I’m feeling a lot better but still need the drugs.  The stitches feel weird, it does hurt quite a bit, and the sad part is that I have 2 really big canker sores on the inside of my bottom lip (I guess they must’ve had to clamp my mouth open or something since I’ve had welts there since my teeth were taken out).  And now my throat feels sore — a result of this or is it a cold?? ARGHHHHH!!!

 Anyways, I’m off to pop some pills : )

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So this past weekend, Cathy and I headed down to CKC.  We left around 8am on Saturday morning, bypassed the 2 1/2 hour wait at the border (thank goodness for NEXUS), and made it down to Bellevue around 11:30am.  By noon we were at the convention centre and headed into the vendor faire.  It was so busy!!  The prices were okay — not great deals but still cheaper than here in Canada.  The best part was the free Skinny Cow fudgesicles they were giving away — yummm!!  At 2:40pm we took the Girlie Girl Tag Album class by Rusty Pickle.  We weren’t too impressed by the class — we basically were able to finish the 1 1/2 hour class in less than an hour by ourselves — there were no new techniques taught — all we did was glue paper to the tags. 

We made it to Bellevue Square Mall by 5:30 pm and finally had a bite to eat.  Cathy and I both had raging headaches — probably caused by lack of food since we last ate at 10:30am — breakfast at McDonalds!  We shared a bunch of rolls — the deep fried Bugogi roll was awesome as was the mochi ice cream.  We then headed over to the farewell crop at the Hilton.  We met some nice people there and actually managed to finish some projects.


The next morning, we woke up early, went to Starbucks for lunch and then visited Joann’s and Michael’s.  I had virtually stopped going to Michael’s in the US ever since we got them in Canada — but after today, I will definitely go back again.  The prices were unbelievably less expensive!! I bought a storage case for US$7.99 which normally costs CDN$12.99!!

Cathy and I then shopped our way back to Canada.  We spent quite a lot of time at Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood.  Unfortunately we missed Treasury of Memories — they were closed by the time we reached Bellingham.  Oh well.  We did have a good dinner at the Olive Garden,  and once again, managed to bypass the long lineup at the border.

 Until next year… 

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Here are two layouts I’ve designed for Remember Me Scrapbooking — using products from the store.

This first one is using the Making Memories Christmas kit. It is fantastic!  It comes with 3 different paper designs, letter stickers, epoxy buttons, and 2 sheets of stickers.  The only thing I’ve used other than what is in the kit, is a bit of Bazzill and ribbon.

Gift or Wrap

 Here is another layout I’ve made using the new Making Memories Flocking and Foil kit.  This is such a cool item — it comes with 4 sheets of transfers which are like sticky rubons.  Then you use the flock or foil sheets, place over top and rub on.  The final effect is very, very cool — the witch on the layout is black flock and the haunted house is silver foil.  Then I cut some May Art ribbon (ghosts, bats and pumpkin) and glued them onto the Bazzill cardstock.  The title is a combination of the New American Crafts Thickers in giggle and Remark Stickers in Lax.

Snow White Halloween

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hallow.jpg   hallow-9.jpg      Talk about a busy holiday!! 

Decorations: 5 carved pumpkins, 3 hand-painted mini pumpkins, a giant spider complete with web, strings of ghosts and pumpkins, a screaming banshee and multiple strings of orange pumpkinish Mickey heads

Costumes: Harry Potter, Batman, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel by day/Mulan by night

hallows.jpg    hallow-2.jpg     hallow-7.jpg

Food: 48 mini chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and orange sprinkles 

Giveaways: 195 chocolate bars and 160 mini containers of play-doh

 Events: 1 elementary school concert, 1 preschool party complete with concert, pumpkin carving and goodies, 1 Halloween party for family at night (well, a sort of party — EVERYONE comes over to my place to go trick-or-treating and to have pizza!)

 Okay, I’m now officially pooped.  I’ve been up since 7am this morning when I had to get up and ice the cupcakes — not to mention that I was up late last night baking and making goodie bags until 2am!  BUT it was such a wonderful Halloween.  The girls really enjoyed dressing up all day, and being even more “princessy” than usual, everyone LOVED Wil’s very expensive Batman costume (I almost died when I found out how expensive it was…but that’s another story) since he wore it to both kid’s schools today.

 Hope everyone else had a safe but very spooky and fun Halloween!  


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