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I guess it’s a sad thing when your 6 and 3 year old daughters can read the word (or maybe it’s the logo) of Coach as in Coach handbags!  When we went down to the US in October and stopped at the Burlington outlet, Bel asked “Mommy, are you going to the Coach store to buy a purse AGAIN??”, and this was as soon as we entered the parking lot — no where close to where the store was.  The scary thing was that she had only been there twice before — last August on our way down and back from a trip to Seattle.  Needless to say, my answer was “YES”.

 Of course, both kids delight in telling everyone who would listen, that she fell down and hurt herself playing outside the Coach store while waiting for mommy to buy another purse.  Hmmmmm….is that supposed to make me feel guilty??

Then last week I received a Preferred customer card from Coach, entitling me to 25% off any of their new fall handbags.  When I remarked to Wil that I was surprised to get one, he just rolled his eyes at me, and asked me how much have we spent at Coach in the last year?  Well…….I guess they would put me in their database considering I’ve gotten 2 purses and a wristlet (oh, and Wil’s wallet) last August, 2 purses in May and then an entire wallet, change purse, card holder emsemble and wristlet this August…scary to think of what I’ve spent my money on this past year….

 …however, it didn’t stop me from buying another purse with my coupon.  Actually, Wil would like to say that he bought me the purse for our 11th anniversary which is this coming Friday.  Here is a picture of it .  

 Okay, I admit that I might have a teensy weensy addiction to very expensive purses (and shoes, but we’ll talk about that another day…).  And I really LOVE to shop.  And I seriously have issues with sales since it’s always so hard to pass them up…but hey, I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t do what I love to do!

 But I will definitely have to scrapbook my girls’ and their silly question!!


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Seattle Vacation

We just got back from our 5 day stay in Seattle, Washington.  It was soooo worth getting the Nexus pass as we bypassed the line-up going down and coming back to Canada — no wait at all!

 We stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn Lake Union, which was right across the street from the water.  The best part is that we got a “Friends & Family” rate from David, and the hotel had upgraded us to a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom suite!!  It was beautiful!  This is the view from our balcony!   

View from Hotel Room   They provided free complimentary breakfast every morning, and shuttle service to Pike Street Market and downtown Seattle.

On the Thursday, we met up with some friends from Vancovuer and spent the day at the Woodland Park Zoo.  This is one of my favorite places in Seattle — I especially loved the butterfly exhibit, and can’t wait to return next year with my new digital SLR camera (that I’m planning on purchasing in the next few months). 

Friday and Saturday was spend with my friend Nelson who recently moved down to Bellevue.  We spent our time exploring the Pike Street Market, the Pier and Bellevue.

Bel & Ori Taking Photos   Pike Street Market   The Girls

 Wil was nice enough to take me to a bunch of different stores that sell scrapbook supplies — Treasury of Memories, Paper Zone, Jo-Ann’s, Paper Source and Impressed.  I got a ton of goodies pictured below:


Though I love going away, I LOVE being at home. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed tonight.  Also, I really miss Chinese food, so as soon as we entered into town, I called my parents to go out for dinner.  I was just planning to go to a cheap but good Chinese restaurant, but my dad offered to take us to Bel’s favourite restaurant, Jade.  There we dined on shark fin soup, abalone and scallops — all of Bel’s favourite foods!

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