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Yes, I’ve got a new baby — a new paper trimmer that is!   I just got the Tonic 12×12 guillotine trimmer and it is wonderful!! There is a plastic piece that you press down on to cut, and that keeps your papers from moving, and I can even cut tiny slivers of paper!!  I’ll save my old rotary trimmer for cutting vellum!

3 (months)   


Play      Whew, I’ve been busy working on some projects using Fancy Pants — one of my favorite new lines to work with.  I love their colors and patterns, and their chipboard is so versatile.  What I really love is the Bella Brush 12×12 stamps — they look good on everything!!!  I want to get the new stamps that are coming out!!

Altered Love/Joy ClipboardThe thing I love most about this altered clipboard is that it is clear and see-thru.  So when I left space on the curves and around the pictures, I can pick up the color of the backgroun, and the frame can almost look like it is floating.


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Playland Fun

Roller Coaster Ride   Roller Coaster Scare  The kids have been asking to go on rides, so last Thursday I took the day off and took them. The prices were actually decent.  My friend gave me a group code so we were able to get Bel’s pass at $13, mine was $12 and Ori was free.  Parking was $5 and I packed our lunches (since Ori said her mouth hurts).  Not bad for a 5-6 hour day.  I was only intending to stay for 2-3 hours but the kids outlasted me!

Bel and Ori went on virtually every kiddie ride, plus they really loved the Scrambler which I guess is more an adult ride since I went on it with them THREE or FOUR times – I lost track! 

 Carousel Ride   Here’s a cool picture I took of the 3 of us on the Carousel – I was hoping we would have a picture together!

Ori wanted to go on the Raiders game which is like a Go Bananas type thing with ropes, bridges and slides.  She went by herself since Bel didn’t want to go on it.  Ori was happy and I was snapping away from the bottom.  Then she went on the suspension bridge and the kids behind her started rocking it hard.  Ori decided she didn’t like it and started to cry.  So Bel and I had to go up and rescue her.  After I got her down, my first thought was “Darn!! I should’ve taken a picture of her up there crying before bringing her down.  That would’ve been a great scrapbook layout!!”  — Now, does that make me a bad mom??

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Well, it’s not the first lesson that I taught, but the first one I’m blogging.

 The kids woke up in a cranky mood this morning.  Ori was exhausted (as was I) since she kept waking up in the middle of the night crying — some new thing that she’s been doing lately.   So she was being huffy and throwing mini tantrums (SIGH).

Then Bel started crying and saying that she didn’t want to go to school (she’s in part-time summer school).  So I asked if anyone has been mean to her, hurt her or yelled at her and she said no.  Then I asked Ori as I know that sometimes Bel doesn’t want me to know certain things, but Ori said no.  Hmmm.  Then I find out it’s because she wants to go play at grandma’s house instead of going to school since “school isn’t fun”. 

So after a loud, crying tantrum when I said that she had to attend school, I gave her this lesson.  “If you don’t go to school…”

  • you will not learn how to be smart
  • you will not be able to get a job as you can’t do anything
  • you will not be able to make money
  • so that means that you have no money to buy a house or bed
  • so that means you will have to sleep in the street with the bugs and dirt
  • and since you have no money to buy clothes or soap
  • that means your clothes will break and get dirty
  • and since you still have no money, you won’t be able to buy food
  • so you might have to eat garbage from the garbage cans


Though it stopped her for a bit while she pondered that bit of information, this didn’t stop her from crying again before we left the house, and asking if she could go to grandma’s instead of school.

Guess what my answer was?  I said that she didn’t have to go to school, but she would not be going to grandma’s house.  Instead, I would drop her off at a street and she can try all the things we talked about!

Good thing she didn’t call my bluff (WHEW!!) as I would never have done it!  I hate scaring the kids like this but I was so fed up since they have been displaying major attitude for the past two weeks with lots of crying fits.  I think it’s the major shock of coming home to people who actually discipline and scold them — they NEVER get in trouble at the grandparents’ places!!

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More Layouts

Whew, I’ve actually been semi-productive on the scrapbooking front the past few weeks, but it will definitely have to take a backseat as I finish marking all the final exams and completing report cards.

 Here are two layouts that I’ve completed using the Piggy Tales paper:

Love Your…     My Tiny Girl

 I’m also currently altering two notebooks.  One is for myself.  The other is for Remember Me Scrapbooking as I will be teaching a Mom & Me class in September there.  I will post pictures as soon as I’m done.

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The Best Husband

I have to say that Wil is an amazing husband.  He’s always been so supportive of ALL my hobbies, both past and present.  He actually encourages me to BUY scrapbooking stuff, and manages to head out to the lss to pick up little things “just because” or for a birthday, or anniversary.  In fact, he’s the one who bought me the Sizzix when it first came out, then the Cricut and the Cuttlebug.  He actually doesn’t mind going into a lss with me, and waiting as I browse, sometimes up to an hour!

 Wil also encourages me to go out and have fun.  He’s always encouraging me t attend crops so that I can meet more people with the same interests.  Since January of this year, he’s babysat the kids at least once a month as I head over to Sonja’s Booker Club.  Then when I wanted to attend Remember Me Scrapbooking’s 77 in 07, he told me to have fun, and looks after the kids on those nights.  Then in July when I was out almost every week, he’s once away a great sport about looking after the kids even though that meant he wasn’t able to go up to Whistler to mountain bike. 

And then this past Sunday, he got up early (when I was still asleep), headed out to Cobbs and brought me back a chocolate croissant and a Starbucks latte.  The best part is that this is something that he does on a fairly regular basis.

 I am so truly blessed to have such a great guy as a husband — though I may moan and groan about him at times, I do love him truly.  Take a moment and reflect back to why you married your husband and how much you love him.

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I finally scanned some of my older work.  It’s now posted ont eh Scrapbook Page.  Enjoy!

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WOW!! July has gone by so fast that I didnt’ get much time to stop and smell the roses!!  I’ve completed my August projects for Remember Me Scrapbooking, and will soon be working on “class-related projects”.  Yes, I will start teaching a couple of classes at the store starting either September or October — we’re currently working on the details.  Yay!

Let’s see, I’ve completed this “Look Ma, No Legs” layout on my youngest daughter Ori.  She was aobut 9 months old, and it was her first time on the swings.  I love how her legs have curled up into the swing!

Look Ma No Legs

Products used: 

  • Autumn Leaves Rhonna Farrer pattern paper
  • Bazzill cardstock
  • Autumn Leaves Journaling chipboard
  • Zig journaling pen
  • Cricut George font

For my second project, I decided to scrapbook a picture of Bel at her first ballet recital. 

Ballerina Belisama

Products Used:

  • Scrappin’ Sports pattern paper
  • Bazzill Bling cardstock
  • Scenic Route Chipboard Alpha
  • Jolee’s 3d Ballerina shoes sticker
  • My Sentiments Exactly Girl Friend clear stamp
  • Versa Ink
  • Prism watercolor pencils
  • 3D Crystal Lacquer
  • Bling

I’ve also made 2 cards:

Thanks Girlfriend     Hearts

 I’ve used the remainder of the Autumn Leaves paper for the “Thanks Girlfriend” card, as well as the My Sentiments Exactly Girl Friends stamp.  For the 2nd card, I used Basic Grey paper, Bazzill cardstock, Heidi Swapp Emotions corner stamps and bling to create the heart.

 To check out these projects in person, check out Remember Me Scrapbooking. They should be up sometime this weekend!

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