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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Last night I went to Kidsbook’s Harry Potter party at Van Dusen gardens.  We lined up around 10pm, got in shortly after 10:30 and wandered around the park.  They did a pretty good job — they had tons of employees dressed up and hosting different games.  I won a bookmark, a door hanger, a poster, some stickers and tatoos — all Harry Potter themed of course.  I had my picture taken with Dumbledore, and took some pictures of Sirius, Harry and Fawkes.  They had a live band and were giving away tons of Happy Planet juice, Ice Age water, Blenz coffee and candies.  Then we counted down to midnight, and picked up the book. 

 We then went to a 24-hour coffee shop and picked up a large coffee.  We headed home, and I started reading the book around 2:30am.  I finished about 8 am this morning.  It was such a great book!  I am totally in awe with what J.K. Rowling has done.  All I can say without giving anything away is that she has managed to tie up all the loose ends, and  a majority of the questions we had.  WOW!!  I can’t wait until Wil finishes reading the book so that I can re-read it more slowly. 

So, since I was up all night, I was busy with the kids this morning as I had to pick them up from grandma’s house and take them to Chinese school this morning.  I didn’t get to bed until 2:30pm this afternoon and managed a 3 hour nap.  I’m tired and will probably go to bed early — but it is so worth it!


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“ME” Time

Anna, Sonja & Me 

I just had a fantastic weekend.  I spent about 11 hours on Saturday with Anna, Sonja and Doris with about 40 other scrapbookers at a Lovebug crop.  Denise and Stef were raising money for their Cure for Breast Cancer walk so Nancy helped them organize this fantastic day.  The make ‘n takes were awesome – an altered chipboard by Margo and a Maya Road book by Jillian!  I’ll post them as soon as I add some pictures.  They had mystery bags for $10 and I got a $25 gc for Cactus Club (yumm!!).  Won a Dymo labeller and tag book as part of the door prizes.  Oh, and got a $5 credit in the store as I bought a $5 balloon, and there was a $10 credit inside.  All in all, it was a great day!  So glad to be able to spend time with friends!

Sunday was spent doing work on the computer and trying to organize my scraproom — sigh — it never seems to stay clean at all!!  Though I did finally clean enough floor space to walk around in, and space on top of my desk so I can play with my toys!

Looking forward to 77 in07 this Thursday at Remember Me Scrapbooking — it’s a late one until 11pm! 

 Then next Saturday it’s the Gimme 5 class at Sonja’s Booker Club!  Lots of “ME” time this month!

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Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

My friend Doreen invited me to see the new Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix movie tonight.  Her husband’s company had booked the theatre for a special screening at 7pm, and he had 2 tickets for the show.  Unfortunately, he had to work so she was able to bring me (THANK YOU SO MUCH DOR!!)

I have to say that I totally enjoyed the movie. While I am a BIG Harry Potter fan, I know that there is no way that the movie(s) are ever going to follow the way the books are written.  SO, with that in mind, I enjoyed the show — there were some great CG work, and of course, some great action parts.  There were some slow areas, but it wasn’t too painful.  I thought that they casted Luna well — she is quite like the character in the book.  At first I thought that the Umbridge casting wasn’t that great since she didn’t look too “toad-like” as she was described in the book.  However, she acted just like Umbridge was supposed to.  And of course, the casting of Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermoine Granger, Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Alan Rickman (Snape) was absolutely Brillant — they are so like their characters!

I have to say that I do LOVE the books but I really like the movies. 

 I can’t wait until Book 7 comes out!

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Whew!! Just dropped off my projects to Remember Me Scrapbooking, but just realized that I forgot to scan them before I left the house!

Well, this means that you just have to head out to the store and see them IRL!! A couple of hints. One layout is done using the Coluzzle circle template, and involves the main picture being a part of Mickey Mouse’s head, with gorgeous Creative Imaginations paper as part of his ears. I’ve used a Mickey Mouse head spiral clip to attach Mickey’s signature to use as the title. I traced different spiral clips (in the shape of Mickey’s head) to the cardstock and used Crystal Lacquer and microbeads to highlight the shapes — looks like epoxy stickers!

The other layout involves Bazzill scalloped cardstock, Scenic Route chipboard letter and Heidi Swapp rubons. There is also some gorgeous ribbon that Di has in-store — black with red Chinese characters!! Simple but striking as this layout has red, gold-yellow and a teeny bit of orange in it — it matches the baby picture of Bel wearing her teddy’s bear’s Chinese outfit!

I will try and take a picture the next time I’m at Remember Me and upload them to this post!

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I’ve been on the go since I got up this morning.  We had a 9:15am appointment with the Nexus officers at the airport this morning.  Wil and I decided to apply for the pass so that we can easily travel betweenVancouver and the US — ever since we had to wait over 2 hours last year with 2 cranky kids in the car.  Plus it would be so much easier for Cathy and I, should we decide to take a class at Treasury of Memories.  The bonus is that since we got our id cards at the airport, we are also cleared for air travel since we did the (eye) iris scans.

Then we hit the Farmers Market at Trout Lake.  There was so much fresh produce that I wanted to buy everything!  However, I only ended up buying 2 cookies for the kids and a container of organic bing cherries.  I misread the sign and thought it was 2 boxes for $9 but it was 2lbs for $9 and one container was about 2 pounds!!!  But they were tasty!

 Wil ended up going mountain biking in Whistler for the rest of the day, so I became a single mom.  I had a couple of hours to work today while the kids napped (I made them).  Then I went to my mom’s house, hoping to catch a meal off them.

We ended up going to my favorite Japanese restaurant, Toyo Tomi.  The food, price and service is almost always excellent!  Then my dad took us to the Richmond Night Market.  It was crazy busy!!  I think it’s probably about the busiest I’ve ever seen it!  The girls had a fantastic time.  Usually they are limited to only buying ONE item of their choice.  However, since Grandma and Grandpa were there, they got a ton of stuff.  They came home with a deck of cards (we won at the casino booth), a mechanical pencil, a bunch of stickers, a notebook, and 2 erasers.  All for under $10!!  What a steal!

I’m off to scrapbook in my room for a bit though I’m feeling a bit guilty as I still have so much work to do…

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